Roberto Mollá. Text for the exhibition "The length of a song". Gallery Kobo Chika. May 2010.

Roberto Mollá. Love in a trashcan. 2009

Roberto Mollá. "Love in a trashcan". 2009

My meetings with Quico were always full of musical recommendations. Quico had an insatiable curiosity in this respect, he understood the influence of music in my work and wanted to know the sources. He first centred his interest in the Japanese –Cornelius, Pizzicato Five, Fantastic Plastic Machine-, then in music from what ever place in the world –Giant Sand, Sonic Youth, El Niño Gusano, Electrocugat Orchestra, Carlo Coupé, Adam Green, Devendra Banhart, Moloko-. Always I would give him some CDs with music that I think he would like. However he was always up to-date and difficult to surprise.

The 5 drawings that I am preparing for the exhibition have the title of 5 songs that I have recorded: THE MOLLUSK (Ween), PELIGROSO POP (Plastilina Mosh), LOVE IN A TRASHCAN (The Raveonettes), LADY OLÉ (Chico y Chica) y FOG (Radiohead). To choose them I have created a folder in my mp3 that has the title “Songs for Quico”. In this folder I have stored more than thirty songs and in choosing them it is as if I was creating another CD for Quico.

The character irreverent, ironical, elegant and free of the song The Mollusk reminds me of Quico. If I don’t misunderstand the English I believe that he perfectly could be which ever of the three personalities that are protagonists in the song: the Boy who has found the mollusk, the Sir that interrogates the boy on how he found it, or the Mollusk itself with it wandering look. As Quico said, don’t save on paint. Or as the Mollusk said, let’s be forever let forever be free.


Hey little boy, whatcha got there?
kind sir it's a mollusk i've found
did you find it in the sandy ground?
does it emulate the ocean's sound?
yes I found it on the ground
emulating the ocean's sound
bring forth the mollusk cast unto me
let's be forever let forever be free

Hey little boy come walk with me
and bring your new found mollusk along
does it speaketh of the trinity
can it gaze at the sun with its wandering eye
yes it speaks of the trinity
casting light at the sun with its wandering eye
bring forth the mollusk, cast unto me
let's be forever let forever be free.


Valencia, September, 2009.

 Ambassador Quico-san