O eres tú John Wayne o lo soy yo / La Sala Naranja. Valencia.

Durante la primera semana de abril La Sala Naranja presenta la exposición colectiva "O eres tú John Wayne o lo soy yo", una propuesta colectiva que agrupa a más de 50 hombres artistas de diversas disciplinas: vídeo, instalación, escultura, pintura, performance y fotografía. La muestra se enmarca dentro de una postura crítica respecto del panorama artístico contemporáneo donde lo femenino se ha convertido en político.

Roberto Mollá participa con un dibujo, "Charles", junto a otros artistas como Oliver Johnson, Santi Tena, Sergio Barrera, Toño Barreiro, Dani Jordá, Paco de la Torre, Nacho Ruiz o Víctor Bonet.

Charles. Lápiz y tinta sobre papel. 100 x 70 cm. 2006

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Fountain Miami 2007 / Glowlab Gallery


At Fountain, Glowlab presents works by Kurt Bigenho, Bethany Bristow,  Jason Cantoro, Cathelijn van Goor, Alice Jarry, Heather L.  Johnson,  David Kesting, the Mobile Performance Group, Roberto Mollá, Mark Price and Swoon. In media including works on paper, prints, embroidery, sculpture, painting and performance, Glowlab’s installation features densely layered landscapes and imaginary visual territories where hand-drawn characters, abstracted figures and post-apocalyptic androids make their way through urban architectures and experimental structures in a collective, psychogeographic tale of the tenuous relationships between humans and their comfort zones.
“Fountain Miami” is a guerrilla-style art fair - under the radar, but highly influential. “Fountain” was launched in March 2006 in New York, in an effort to leverage support for independent galleries largely overlooked by corporate-sponsored art fairs. In defiant contrast with both Art Basel Miami Beach, Pulse, Scope and the slew of other International art fairs, “Fountain” has received wide public support and critical acclaim for its independent slant. This independent aspect gives Fountain its edge: young galleries showcasing fresh work without official booth spaces or selection committee juries. In form and spirit, the artwork shown truly reflects the avant-garde and in-your-face attitude equated with the Dada movement.
Fountain Miami 2007, 2841 NW 2nd Avenue, MIAMI FL 33127

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