Red Grid / Kobo Chika Gallery. Tokio

Three years after his last solo exhibition in Tokyo, Roberto Mollá (Valencia, 1966) will show a new serie of drawings and paintings, with the title RED GRID, at the Kobo Chika Gallery in Shibuya.
The exhibition will be the continuation of the series of artworks that he exhibited, throughout 2006, in galleries such as Roberts & Tilton (Los Angeles), the Geoffrey Young Gallery at Great Barrington (Massachusetts) or the Kanazawa’s Art Center.
The title of the exhibition wants to emphasize the importance in these works of a drawing material, the graph paper, with which Roberto Mollá has been working for ten years, since he initiated, granted by the Marunuma Artists-Residence in Asaka, the Digital Heroes serie.
The references to nurbs and metaballs in previous drawings and paintings, are blended now with a flatter treatment, an increasing formal complexity and certain ornamental baroque style of Eastern inspiration, in which the allusions to the pop art, the constructivism and the geometric abstraction of Spanish painters such as Palazuelo or Barbadillo are constant.
Kobo Chika Gallery, 2-21-3, Ebisu. Shibuya - ku. Tokio 150 - 0013

Exhibition opening. Rintaro, Anu and the 6 povestei legkikh kontsakh serie.                               Barbadillo Teddy Toy. Oil on canvas, 60 x 60 cm. 2007

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NEXT Chicago 2011 / Christina Ray Gallery

More than an art fair, NEXT is a showcase for the world’s talents and an adventure in innovative culture. An opportunity to redefine the relationship between art and its public, NEXT is a platform for established and emerging galleries to promote the work of cutting-edge artists. NEXT is dedicated to the exhibition and advancement of today's art. NEXT is the catalyst for the exchange of information and experimental ideas aimed at today's educated collectors.

Christina Ray present a selection of works by gallery artists including:

Beka Goedde
Heather L. Johnson
Brian Leo
Roberto Mollá
Adrienne Reynolds
Ben Wolf

Booth #40, 12th Floor

NEXT Chicago
April 29–May 02, 2011 . The Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL

Roberto Mollá. Siamese Twins (1 & 2). 2011

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